Top reasons Randy Orchen loves October:


5. Awareness of great causes – October is breast cancer awareness month. This great cause is so important and impacts the lives of many people.  We support the knowledge and awareness this month brings to help people. #cancersucks Read more at


4. Everything turns into a pumpkin – Even the dog. From Pumpkin lattes, to ice cream to pies. Adding an outfit to the family pet is always a must! Check out some delicious pumpkin recipes at

3. Playoffs & World Series – WIN WIN WIN! Every week bonding over games is an American tradition. We have a favorite team here at the office, but we wont disclose as we like to keep things civil. Nothing is better than putting on your favorite teams jersey, heading to a friends house and rooting over beers and chatter.

2. The Weather Starts to Cool Off – enough said! This is California, the best place to live – anytime we can throw on a sweater at 68 degrees and enjoy a chilled spice latte, we do it! Because we can.


1. Last but not least – We love October because its the only time of the year you can send your kids to ask strangers for candy dressed as Miley Cyrus from the MTV awards and be okay with it (set to be this years most popular halloween

Happy October!


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